Imran postpones intra-party elections, announces Raiwind March

PTI chairman Imran Khan announced the postponement of intra-party elections due to Panama Leaks. PTI will launch Raiwind March on 24th March and demand resignation of the PM after 24th March so intra-party elections will be held after it.

While talking about the internal differences in PTI, he said it is not a big matter as it is a common issue in democratic parties. “Even in US, the candidates have differences before the election. This is the beauty of democracy,” he added.

Khan said the party will arrange a rally at F-9 Park on April 24, on the anniversary of PTI. “It is our right and we will do it but we will not march towards D-Chowk. We will instead go towards Raiwind.” “We will get the resignation of PM,” Khan claimed.

Earlier, Imran Khan gave PM Nawaz Sharif a deadline of April 24 to appoint an inquiry commission led by the Supreme Court Chief Justice. Otherwise, he will lead a march towards the Sharif family’s residence in Raiwind.

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