Imran Khan’s activities are detrimental to development of Pakistan,PMLN leaders address Mardan rally

Mardan: PMLN is also gearing up to show its political strength in the wake of PTI protest calls. A day marked with rallies and campaign PMLN was not short of cards as senior PMLN gathered up at Mardan to show its political might.

Federal Information Minister Pervaiz Rasheed was the first to defy the protest campaigns by saying that India and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi want destabilization in Pakistan. He said that we all are Pakistanis and as Pakistani our sorrows and smiles are same. He further said that PMLN believes in poltical stability has never used political rallies and movements to carry out anti-state campaigns.

Senior Federal Minister Ahsan Iqbal also highlighted the recent economic developments of Pakistan and once again stressed on the importance of CPEC project. He said,CPEC Project is for entire Pakistan and Soon there will be industrial Zones all across the CPEC Route. Central Asian Republics  and many other countries also want to be a part of CPEC.

He said that Pakistan is full of mineral resources and Mardan is also home to many of those mineral resources. Central Govt has completed more than 100 development projects in KPK.

He added that, Pakistan is developing, and this development is hurting the detractors and enemies of Pakistan, and there are always conspiracies to destabilize Pakistan.

He said that OperationZarb has broken the backbone of terrorist’s network inside Pakistan.He maintained that activities of Imran Khan are detrimental to Pakistan Development. He said that, Imran Khan plans to shut down the State Capital, which isn’t right.

This PMLN rally was also attended and addressed by PMLN Chief KPK, Sabir Shah and Prime Minister special advisor Amir Muqam.

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