Pervaiz Rashid

Imran Khan used foreign funds to destabilise Pakistan

ISLAMABAD: Minister for Information, Broadcasting and National Heritage Senator Pervaiz Rashid said that Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chief Imran Khan was using foreign funds to destabilise the country.

Addressing the media personnel with MNA Danyal Aziz, he said Imran Khan had utilised foreign funds in initiating civil disobedience movement and in an attempt to topple an elected democratic government.

He said Imran Khan had conspired against the state after getting funds from the country’s enemies, but the patriotic countrymen had foiled his move. As per Political Parties Act, no political party could get funds from foreigners or any foreign agency or government, he highlighted.

The senator said that Imran Khan had illegally participated in the general election 2013 after getting funds from foreigners and used that money for destabilising the country. Imran would have to answer his anti-democratic moves, he added.

He said patriotic people of the country had foiled the conspiracy of Imran Khan by voting for Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz in 2013.

He said it was the same Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) which Imran Khan used to blame, by saying it was hand in gloves with other political parties. Showing documents, he said, Imran Khan had concealed receiving foreign funds from the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) and used them during protests and sit-ins.

He asked, why the ECP had not taken action against PTI on filing accounts details so late. He wondered how Imran managed public meetings of musical concerts. The bill of only installing and using sound system was a whooping Rs 250 million. Imran should answer the questions regarding foreign funding, he reiterated. The minister said he was not hurling mere allegations, but had solid documentary proof of Imran’s receipt of foreign funds. The minister said the information secretary of the PTI had recently admitted in a TV programme that the PTI had filed statement of accounts to the ECP just a week ago. He reminded it was the same ECP against which Imran had hurled repeated allegations of being hands in gloves with the other political parties.

He said the ECP had delayed the decision on a petition filed by Akbar S Baber for 13 months and surprisingly it had acted quickly against the Kissan package announced by the prime minister for benefiting poor farmers having 12.5 acres of land on the pressure of Imran Khan.

“Why ECP had allowed Imran Khan, who had admitted receiving millions of dollars from foreigners, to participate in the general election in 2013. Why ECP did not take any action despite the fact that attention was drawn towards it repeatedly,” he questioned.

He said the foreigners had donated generously for the PTI during sit-in with the sole purpose to destabilise the country. During those days, the foreign funding for PTI was at its peak, he added. PTI had concealed receiving funds from foreigners, which is tantamount to grave rigging. He said Imran Khan could be seen admitting receipt of foreign funds, on the website of American Justice Department. He said if Imran had not committed any fraud why he was shying away to answer the questions regarding receipt of foreign funds.


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