Pakistan can play role to defuse Saudi-Iran tensions: Imran Khan

Islamabad: PTI chief Imran Khan said that Pakistan can play its role to defuse tensions between Saudi Arabia and Iran.

Talking to media after meeting ambassadors of the two confronting nations Saudi Arabia and Iran, Imran Khan discussed the events leading to the confrontation between two Gulf countries.

Imran stressed that instead of taking sides Pakistan leadership must play the role of arbitrator and try to stop any event that can lead to regional instability. “If we will take sides and do not try to play arbitrator role we will loose our credibility”, he added.

He said that Iran has made it clear that the attack on Saudi embassy was carried out by outsiders.

While talking about Pathankot air base attack in India, he maintained whoever the perpetrator is, his aim was to disturb the peace talks between the two South Asian countries.

He further stressed that PM Nawaz must take foreign ministry in full confidence in his talks with Indian Prime Minister rather than developing his personal relations with international leaders.

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