Imran Khan leveled serious allegations against Nawaz Sharif

OKARA: Imran khan declared that Asif Zardari was better than Nawaz Sharif.”PM Nawaz Sharif is a corrupt person who is involved in corruption Money Laundering and Tax Evasion. The prime minster acts like a beggar before IMF and Every Pakistani Old or infant is indebted to PKR 100,000. 37 BN Islamabad Airport project has soared to 70 BN. 84BN Nandi pur project last only 5 days. Nations develops by Justice not by Powerful Army or Money. I saw actual democracy in West. Their democracy is based on justice and equality. 100 Mn Pakistanis don’t relish a single meal in a day. Pakistani youth is concerned about its future. Loadshedding and Inflation has broken the back of Pakistanis,”said the PTI head.

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