Imran Khan has made OffShore companies from funds collected in Hospital’s name

Islamabad: Senior PMLN leaders M.Zubair and Danial Aziz has blamed that Imran Khan has invested large sums of money in offshore companies at Virgin Islands from public in the name of hospital’s fund.They further came out with proves that Imran Khan is working with Indian firms and has directly and indirectly invested in India. Danial Aziz further said that top leadership of PTI Shoukat Tareen and Abdul Aleem Khan have invested in foreign companies, had they invested in Pakistan there must have been businesses, employment and development.

Senior PMLN leader M.Zubair stated that lock down of state capital is detrimental to the country. He stated that PMLN government has forwarded all possible proposals to PTI Leader Imran Khan, whom he has rejected. The plan to shut down the state capital can back lash and will undermine the country status.

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