Pervaiz Rasheed

Imran Khan defaming democratic institutes: Pervaiz Rashid

Lahore: Imran Khan is defaming the democratic institutes, said Minister of Information Pervaiz Rashid on Monday.

Talking to media in Islamabad, Pervaiz Rashid said Imran Khan has targeted government for last few years but people have rejected the claims of rigging in general polls and now It has been proved that 50,000 votes were not fake.

Inquiry commission rejected all rigging allegations of Imran Khan, he added. Imran Khan’s politics is based on baseless allegations on democracy and democratic institutes. PTI must admit that people have given fair mandate to PML-N, he asserted.

Answering the question about election campaign in Okara, Information Minister said Imran Khan himself run the campaign despite this fact that no PML-N leader run any campaign in Okara but still managed to bag 45,000 votes. Meanwhile PTI only bagged 7000 votes.

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