Imran Khan calls for Judicial Commission under Chief Justice SC by April 24

PTI chairman Imran Khan didn’t mince his words when he said he wanted a commission under Chief Justice Supreme Court who will investigate Panama Leaks evidences and submit a report for proper legal proceedings. Imran gave 24 April deadline for constituting this commission.

In his address to the nation, Imran Khan said, “I will gather Pakistanis and lay a siege around Raiwind Palace. I want an independent Accountability Commission to look into this matter”.

“It is the defining moment in Pakistan history otherwise we are doomed. I was used to refer to umpire’s finger going up. Time has come Allah has sent us His blessing via Panama Leaks. Looks like Allah has sent an undeniable opportunity to change our fate. I am addressing to the Pakistanis who have no links abroad. Whose life & death is in Pakistan. They have no links abroad. We will have to help our economy, help our democracy as no IMF, UN or US will come to rescue Pakistanis. We have to rise. An active society rise for its rights to prove that we are right and we have rights,” he said.

“UK & Iceland are no precedents. We don’t need to look at them. It’s time for action. Don’t be scared. Forget your jobs, your duties your businesses and join me in this war against corruption. It’s pity a retired judge was given gifts by PM Nawaz Sharif to investigate Panama Leaks. Our govt is taking Rs6 billion loan on daily basis. Take a look at this country which has all the resources but no leadership. This is Rs8 billion house of Hassan Nawaz at Wynetak. They are billionaires but no opportunities for the common people of Pakistan,” he stated.

“PM Nawaz Sharif came on PTV with an innocent face and stated that he is not guilty and when PPP cried foul he said “shut up”. He was absolutely right. His entire businesses are in the name of his sons & daughter. No one will submit taxes when PM is a tax evader,” Imran asserted.

He asked, “Mr PM what is your right to remain a Prime Minister. I demand your resignation. PM Nawaz, Ishaq Dar and others have billions of dollars assets, plazas and houses in Saudi Arabia. This leadership will flee and Pakistanis will have to pay for this debt built up by PM Nawaz Sharif. Pakistan has 5 trillion rupees debt 10 years ago now its 21 trillion rupees.”

“PM NawazSharif has lost his moral authority and respect as Prime Minister. The nation wants accountability. Corruption, tax evasion, money laundering are three major allegations on our PM Nawaz Sharif & his family.PM Nawaz calls for evidences to be forwarded to Commission. Evidences are here only further investigations are required. The law says If a person evades taxes or hides his assets from ECP, he is to be jailed. Why it is silent right now. How his son has got such gigantic sums of money,” Imran Khan highlighted.

“It was embarrassing that Govt ministers were given coverage in Parliament while they were criticizing SKMTH. Democracy calls for tolerance & listening to opposition. A country which has no opposition has no democracy. I am leader of the second largest opposition party and I was denied to use PTV to address the nation. PM Nawaz Sharif used PTV to clarify his stance regarding his personal family corruption allegations. See the precedents, Iceland, UK & even India where PM has set up a commission to investigate on Panama Leaks. We are under this cloud of problems because we stay quiet to the atrocities of our autocratic rulers,” he concluded.

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