Imran Khan asks PTV to broadcast his speech on Sunday

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan has announced to address the nation on Sunday.

PTI has written a letter to PTV in this regard, asking the management to broadcast his speech live from Imran Khan Office, on 10th April at 6:00pm.

According to local media reports, the aforementioned demand was made by the PTI Chairman Khan while leaving for the National Assembly, where he was to present his party’s view on the Panama leaks.

As per the letter, PTV which is a government asset and belongs to every citizen.

“I will represent the sentiments of the nation on this issue. PTI should broadcast my speech without any interruption,” he said.

Imran criticized PML-N for running a “malicious” campaign against a charitable health facility. The letter by PTI, shared the same view saying that ruling party ministers misguided the nation on Panama leaks and also lied against Shaukat Khanum Hospital on PTV.

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