Imran Khan apologises to journalist, says can’t listen anything about Reham

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf chairman Imran Khan on Friday asked reporters to refrain from asking him questions related to Reham Khan.

“No matter what happened between us, I cannot hear anything about Reham Khan and will not tolerate anyone disparaging her,” the PTI chairman said while addressing the media in Islamabad.

“I will request all of you that this is such a matter that I will not talk about her and I also expect from you that you don’t ask anything about it,” he added.

Further, Imran said he has apologised to a reporter he slapped down for questioning his ability to judge people around him.

“I have apologised to the reporter. I became angry when a question of personal nature was hurled at me,” Imran clarified.

“One can be a journalist but first of all, we are humans and should avoid rubbing salt on someone’s wounds when they are in pain,” he added.

At a news conference in Peshawar, the reporter had poked Imran on his supposed inability to judge people while selecting his close aides in either political or private life because whoever he selected ditched him in the end.

Imran lost his temper and attacked the journalist instead of replying to the query. “Every society has some form of etiquettes. Every individual has some dignity or some manners,” he chided the reporter.

Imran said the journalist should be ashamed of asking questions about someone’s personal life. “In many households,” he added, “people go through painful trauma. By asking such a question, you have not embarrassed me but rather shown your auqaat (worth).”

Imran’s reaction upset the audience, especially the media persons who left the room in protest. Furthering his presser, Imran, while putting forward some evidence, said claims of rigging in the local government election should be investigated.

Imran and Reham announced their decision to divorce last week.

The PTI chairman also took the ruling regime in Punjab to task for their failure to provide masses with basic facilities and indulging in completing metro bus projects.



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