Ramiz Raja

ICC sent wrong message by withdrawing Aleem Dar: Ramiz Raja

Lahore: Pakistan’s cricketer-convert-commentator Ramiz Raja believes the International Cricket Council (ICC) has sent a wrong message to the world by withdrawing Pakistani umpire Aleem Dar from the India-South Africa series after Shiv Sena’s violent protests.

“I don’t know what sort of message the ICC wanted to convey to everyone by doing this. I would have thought that they should have simply asked the Indian cricket authorities to ensure the safety and security of Aleem in India,” said Ramiz, quoted by Indian media.

Former opening batsman said that ICC, in an attempt to take the easy way out, did what was not expected of it.

“I think the ICC took the easy way out. But it is the responsibility of the ICC to ensure the safety and security of all match officials on duty in any series,” he said.

Ramiz, who frequently visits India to commentate in matches, added that Aleem should have been allowed to stay in India to officiate in the remaining matches.

He further praised PCB’s stance that cricket and sports should be kept separate and the December series should be held as scheduled.


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