I was bullied at the American School:Fawad Khan

It wasn’t too long ago when Priyanka Chopra broke silence about her battle with racism, which she faced while studying in America. The actress was indeed applauded for the same. Now, Pakistani actor Fawad Khan, who will next be seen in Karan Johar’s Ae Dil Hai Mushkil, has also shared a somewhat similar incident in the latest episode of Look Who’s Talking With Niranjan Iyengar.

The Khoobsurat actor was quoted as saying, “I was picked on and bullied in school. I look at it now in a very funny way. In the ’90s I used to study in an American school and the idea of brown and white people together just didn’t mix too well I think”.

“White bread and brown bread just didn’t go together. I was bullied for that as well and also for being generally the quiet one in the class. So these things had be a bit shaken for a while”, he added.


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