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I saved my life by divorcing Reham, says Dr Ijaz Rehman

ISLAMABAD: Dr Ijaz Rehman, ex-husband of Reham Khan, has disclosed that his life would have been in severe danger had he not divorced Reham Khan.

“I saved my life by divorcing Reham Khan,” he said on Thursday. Dr Samavia, the current wife of Dr Ijaz Rehman was also present on the occasion.

Dr. Ijaz Rehman said that he spent very hard period of his life, approximately 12 or 13 years with Reham Khan, and attempted his best to settle all the disputes of family life, but she (Reham) put the matters on that stage where it was impossible for a man to maintain marriage.

He expressed his ignorance regarding any conspiracy of Reham Khan marriage with Imran Khan and clearly stated it was impossible for him to survive more with Reham Khan.

“Reham Khan had sought order against me from Britain court, which was given to every UK citizen by the court, but she failed to prove that I have subjected her to torture or violence.”

After getting court’s order, she physically attacked me, but I did not react and observed patience”, he disclosed. He maintained that police also did not mention any proof of physical torture in its examination and medical report. Ijaz Rehman said that Reham Khan has levelled false and baseless allegation against him.

Quoting Reham Khan’s statement that she left the house with only one briefcase, he stated, “More than 18,000 pounds were withdrawn from our joint account.” He said that Reham Khan statements about Shariat contradicts her deeds, as she did not complete ‘Iddah’(specific period after separation). “I have submitted all evidences in Britain court and would prove all these in the suit of defamation,” he added.

“Reham Khan also told a lie to me in Britain court and now I can say with full confidence that she did not has any educational degree, compared to my family, which is educated and well-learned. He categorically rejected the allegation that he never bars Reham Khan from getting education, saying, “I would select an illiterate girl for me as my life partner if I had such thinking.”

Dr Ijaz said, “My current wife is a qualified lady and it is my keen desire that she get maximum knowledge. Infact, Reham Khan knows that people in Pakistan would be greatly impressed if they were told of foreign degrees, therefore, she befools people while telling them about foreign degrees.”

Talking about the children, Dr Ijaz Rehman said that he was facing very critical circumstances. “A woman has separated three children not only from their father, but from other family members also. I always take care of my children and brought them well like a responsible father,” he revealed.

“I have always tried to meet my children, but Reham Khan made it impossible for me because she fears that children will tell each and every thing to me,” he added.


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