How to prevent baldness?

Baldness is one of attention seeking problem nowadays. A large number of people are facing this problem but by following these easily applicable remedies you may avoid baldness.

  • Identify the reason of hair fall

Before taking any preventive measures you should know the root cause of hair fall. It will help you to chose most suitable treatment otherwise it may lead hair fall situation to worse. A dermatologist consultation is the best option to know exact root cause.


  • Switch Shampoo

Sometimes shampoo can be one of the reasons of hair fall but there are few who consider this reason. You should use a shampoo that best suits your hair type. Consult a dermatologist to identify the reason and suggest you a medicated shampoo to prevent hair fall.


  • Take proper diet

A medical treatment is not last solution. Sometimes poor diet may cause hair fall due to nutritious deficiency. A healthy diet may help to have healthy growing hair. Add proteins and minerals and vitamins in your diet. Egg, fish, green leafy vegetables, walnuts, raisins oats and green peas are a rich source of Protein.  Minerals include iron, copper and potassium element we get from egg, seeds, nuts and Spinach. Vitamins B rich food is best for hair growth especially B6 and B12 can be obtained from potato, egg, cereals and fish. Further avoid high-fat food as well as low- fat food.


  • Massage your hair

Hair – most important part of body and enhance your beauty so they require extra care. If hair follicles go dormant or inactive, it looks dry and weak, and hair fall increases. Oiling is best option in this situation to prevent hair fall. Oiling hair make hair follicles active by increasing blood circulation.


  • Take care of your blessed hair

Last but not least advice is to take care of your blessed hair. It is good to have different haircuts and coloring agents to look trendy but it damages hair in the long run. So avoid different gels and sprays, excessive blow dry to make your hair shiny. instead use herbal methods for your hair.


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