How to get rid of dust allergy

It is so irritating when you wake up every morning and sneeze at least a dozen times.While you might think it is common cold, the real reason might be dust allergy as a result of dust mites. Here are a few tips to avoid it…
– Ensure that your mattress and pillow are washed and dried well. – Clean your air conditioner at regular intervals. Don’t let dust deposit, as it could lead to allergy .
– Avoid wool and feathered bed ding. Change over to synthetic or cotton which is easily washable and is low maintenance.
– Clean your window sills regularly and make sure to wash the curtains regularly . Also vacuum upholstery , sofa, etc.
– Sweep and mop your floors at least thrice a week. In case you have a carpet, use a vacuum cleaner to clean the carpet properly .

– Don’t forget to wear a mask while cleaning the room.

 – Stay away from the vacuumed room for at least 20 minutes so you avoid sneezing.
 – One of the other reasons for dust allergy is the dust deposits on the fan. Make sure you clean it at least twice a week.
 – Get rid of stuffed toys and other objects that collect dust.
 – Keep the humidity in your home below 50 degrees.

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