‘Honored’ on pay gap talk role: Jennifer Lawrence

LONDON (Reuters) – When actress Jennifer Lawrence addressed the Hollywood gender pay gap issue this year, she soon became the poster girl for what has become a hot issue, a title she says she is honored to have.

“It s an honor … it s definitely a discussion that needs to be had,” Lawrence told Reuters.

“So if I m one percent responsible for starting it or sparking it or doing anything helpful for the cause then it s exciting.”

The Oscar winner wrote about her own experience with male-female pay discrimination in Hollywood in an open letter in actress Lena Dunham s Lenny newsletter.

“I think it has been an issue that everybody kind of stays quiet about for whatever reason,” Lawrence said.

“I don t know if, it s probably for the same reason we don t ask for money, we want to seem like good sports and we don t want to seem like whiners so I think that it s good that we re standing up and saying there s a 21 percent pay gap between men and women.”

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