Ho Mann Jahaan to feature two cameo appearances Fawad, Hamza Ali Abbasi

KARACHI – Ho Mann Jahaan has become truly the most awaited movie till now As Mahira Khan’s Ho Mann Jahaan (HMJ) is going to add in the revival of Pakistan film industry, the debutant director Asim Raza has decided to icing on the cake.Here, the Jawani Phir Nahi Aani star Hamza Ali Abbasi would be transformed into icing for this cake and appears for a short time in the movie. However, it is not shocking that Hamza is working for a short shots, the thing which makes it more interesting is the character he is going to adopt in HMJ.It is earlier revealed that Hamza Ali abbasi and Fawad Khan will play cameo roles in the movie. While we still have to wait for the mesmerizing role of Fawad and Hamza.


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