Hindu community lauds PM Nawaz’s presence in Diwali

Islamabad: The Hindu community has hailed Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s presence and speech in Diwali function in Karachi on Wednesday.

According to the participants of the ceremony, his unexpected gesture has straight away communicated to them that they are part of the Pakistani society. Some of them pointed out that this is totally contrary to what is happening in India on Wednesday.

One Ms Malti Rakesh said for the first time in the country’s history we have felt that we are no different from the majority community.

Her spouse Rakesh Kumar said Pakistan has an edge over the neighboring country that also claims itself to be secular and the world’s largest democracy.

He said our prime minister personally contacted us with tangible assurance to help us assimilate in the society while our government next door is making lives miserable for their minority communities.

Ramna Desai, a college teacher from Karachi said consciousness does exist among significant number of Pakistanis that it is not sectarianism or religion but class distinction that often create rifts among people.

Prasan Singh from Hyderabad said the long pending demand for reconstruction of Baba Guru Nanak was committed by none other but the Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif.

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