High Valued ISIS target Jihadi John': Mohammed Emwazi killed by US airstrike


British and US military worked “hand in glove” to launch an airstrike against notorious Islamic State extremist Mohammed Emwazi, No 10 has confirmed, with sources adding that there was a “high degree of certainty” the Briton was killed in the attack.The Pentagon confirmed on Friday that US forces carried out an airstrike in Syria targeting Emwazi, the Isis terrorist known as “Jihadi John” after appearing in gruesome propaganda videos depicting the beheadings of eight hostages.David Cameron made a statement from Downing Street on Friday morning confirming the attack amid reports from the US that the American military was 99% certain that Emwazi had been killed in a drone strike.

The prime minister said it had not been confirmed that Emwazi was dead, but described the strike as “an act of self-defence” that struck at the heart of Islamic state. Cameron added that Britain had been working “hand in glove, round the clock” with the US to track down and target the militant.He said Emwazi had remained a threat to innocent people around the world, adding: “This was an act of self-defence. It was the right thing to do.”Downing Street and Ministry of Defence sources were marginally less certain in their response to the reports of his death than US sources, but added there was a “high degree of certainty that he has been killed”.


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