Heritage sites view to be blocked by Orange Line Metro

LAHORE: Activists of civil society will stage a protest demonstration against the environmental impact on the heritage and historical monuments of the city due to Lahore Orange Line Metro Train Project at Chauburji Chowk at 3pm.

The activists of civil society are urging the government to change the planned route of the metro train because views of a number of historical monuments and buildings such as Chauburji, GPO and Shalimar Garden would be affected.

Although the design of the elevated route of the train would not damage any part of these two monuments but it would block the view. “We are not against the development of any of the government projects but want to keep the heritage sites and monuments safe for the future generations. Such projects around the world have been constructed underground especially around the historical monuments and important buildings,” activist Dr Ajaz Anwar said.

The project comprises about 25 kilometres elevated track out of 27.1 km route of the train from Dera Gujran (GT Road) to GPO Chowk. From here onwards for two kilometres it would be underground uptill Jain Mandar. Then again it would be on elevated track up to Ali Town (Raiwind).


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