Heavy Cache of Indian made Heavy arms seized

PESHAWAR: Security officials reportedly recovered a large cache of Indian and Russian-made heavy arms and ammunition from the Bara Tehsil area of Khyber Agency on Wednesday.Operational Commander of the Frontier Constabulary Lt. Col. Salman told media on Thursday that the weapons were concealed in an underground tunnel.Security forces conducted a search operation at Bara Tehsil after receiving information from intelligence officials and seized the arms in large quantities, he said.According to the operational commander, 9 rocket-propelled grenade launchers (RPGs), 185 RPG rounds, 19 medium machine-guns (MMGs), 30 mortar shells and other munitions were recovered during the operation.

The operational commander speculated that an “organised terrorist organisation” had dumped the artillery and wanted to use it for “heavy terrorist activity.”Bara Tehsil is adjacent to the provincial capital and security forces have completed Operations Khyber-One and Khyber-Two in the recent past.


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