Halal restaurants getting popularity in China

BEIJING: Halal restaurants run by Muslim Chinese minority, even in Beijing and Shanghai, are getting popularity among all ethnic communities due to their delicious dishes and different taste.

The facilities in Beijing, Shanghai and Chendgu are providing Halal meal where non-Muslim are frequently visiting as most of their customers. “Chinese have become fond of delicious Halal food and they are consequently visiting these restaurants in a large number,” Mr. Chohan, chef of a Halal restaurant told a news agency.

He said as both men and women in China do jobs they have to visit restaurants for their meal. Delicious and tasty dishes of Halal restaurants have been attracting local Chinese, already using spices, he said, adding that they found their favorable taste here.

The Chinese native Muslims and Muslims from bordering states have been doing business of Halal meal where Tajikstani and other central Asian dishes, especially Bar B-Q and Palao rice are popular dishes. China is a very attractive place for Pakistani business community involved in eateries as hundreds of Pakistani and Arabian students are getting education here, especially in the medical field. Chinese government allows foreigner investors to bring professional labour from their country like chef and others.


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