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Guards’ manhandling at Gujranwala Nadra office takes woman’s life

GUJRANWALA: An old woman who came to collect her NIC at the Nadra office lost her life after a stamped stirred at the Nadra office due to jostling of the guards here on Tuesday.

According to sources a 55 year old Rasoolan Bibi who was standing in a long queue outside the Nadra office fell down on the ground and received head fatal injury after a stamped caused when guard roughly handled the huge crowd gathered there and expired on the spot before getting any first aid.

“She was visiting the Nadra office for the last three consecutive days to collect her NIC but the staff of the NADRA office asking to grease their palms even to move inside the office to collect the NIC” blamed Rasoolan Bibi’s son-in-law Khalid while talking to the media.

People there lodge a strong protest said they come here daily an stand at long queues even seven hours but the staff remained unconcerned to their plights.

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