Greece crisis: MPs back €85bn bailout in marathon debate

Athens (Neo Web Desk) The Greek parliament has backed a new bailout deal after an all-night debate, despite a rebellion by many MPs in the governing Syriza party.The deal requires tax rises and more tough spending cuts in return for an EU bailout of about €85bn (£61bn, $95bn) – Greece’s third in five years.Eurozone finance ministers are meeting to vote on the plan in Brussels.A deal is needed to keep Greece in the eurozone and avert bankruptcy. But it is risky for Greek PM Alexis Tsipras.More than 40 MPs from his left-wing Syriza party voted against him on Friday.Reports in Greece suggest he will seek a vote of confidence in parliament next week, bringing the prospect of snap elections closer.

The deal received:

  • 222 votes for
  • 64 against
  • 11 abstentions

Mr Tsipras has so far relied on the support of pro-European opposition parties to pass the controversial measures. Syriza was elected on an anti-austerity platform.

Makis Voridis, an MP with the opposition New Democracy, said his party would not support the PM in a confidence vote, Reuters news agency reported.

Thirty-one Syriza members voted “No”, and 11 abstained – the biggest rebellion within Mr Tsipras’s party so far. The rebels represented almost a third of Syriza’s MPs.

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