Fans of Pakistan's cricket team and India's cheer in the stands before Pakistan's Cricket World Cup match against India in Adelaide

Govt gives nod to Green Shirts to play World T20 in India

The Government of Pakistan has given permission to national cricket team to participate in T20 World Cup in India.
“I am pleased to announce that government has allowed our team to play in India,” PCB chairman Shahryar Khan told the media.

According to regulations, the PCB was bound to the government to seek permission for playing in India for T20 World Cup. The step was taken after Shahryar Khan and PCB director Najam Sethi officially visited India, and weren’t treated well by BCCI. Members of the Indian right wing extremist organization RSS entered into the BCCI office, because of which the meeting was cancelled between PCB and BCCI officials.

The national team is currently participating in the Asia Cup T20 tournament in Bangladesh after the conclusion of the Pakistan Super League. The ICC World T20 will follow the Asia Cup.

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