Google Enables YouTube Monetization for Pakistan

Google has included Pakistan in markets where YouTube content creators can monetize their videos, we have checked.

Previously, Pakistani content creators were not allowed to monetize their videos on YouTube. With this development, now any Pakistani content creator can enable monetization for their accounts and make money through videos they upload on YouTube.

Not to mention, YouTube doesn’t allow YouTube Monetization in all markets.

Move is made just ahead of YouTube’s planned launch event in Pakistan; Google will try to grab the attention of content creators and will announce incentives for them.

It merits mentioning here that only original videos can be monetized. YouTube has this algorithm in place that detects for any copyrighted videos/music. Such copyrighted video, even when uploaded by you, will not be allowed to monetize.

How to Enable YouTube Monetization in Pakistan

Login in your YouTube account

Go to this URL:

Enable First card that says “Moentization”

Follow the wizard by accepting terms and conditions

Connect your adsense account with YouTube

And you are done.

Please keep in mind that you must have an adsense account in order to enable YouTube monetization for your account. In case you don’t have any adsense account then you can apply for one.

Also that any violations, such as blatant copying of videos, may get your adsense account banned as well.

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