Golden Globes: ‘The Revenant’ wins big

The 73rd Annual Golden Globe Awards overflowed with shocks, surprises, new faces, and enough bad language to send the censors into an early grave.

If prognosticators and Oscar tea leaf readers were looking to the Globes to help crystalize a wild and wooly awards season, then their hopes for clarity may have been frustrated. The Martian, a science fiction thriller, was honored somewhat inexplicably in the comedy category, with even its director Ridley Scott expressing shock at the designation while picking up the best picture statue. Matt Damon was also recognized, earning a Best Actor in a Comedy statue for his work as an astronaut stranded on Mars.

There are some performers and films that will leave the Globes with momentum heading into the Oscars.  Brie Larson and Leonardo DiCaprio helped cement their front-runner statuses picking up acting honors in a drama for their work in Room and The Revenant.

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