Gilgit-Baltistan wants its share in CPEC, representation in NA

Gilgit: Youth of Gilgit Baltistan (GB) held demonstrations across Pakistan on Sunday demanding the rights for GB in mega projects like China-Pakistan Economic Corridor and representation in the National Assembly.

Protest demonstration were held in front of Gilgit Press Club, National Press Club, Islamabad, and Lahore Press Club by youth activists, civil society members, and students. Protestors demanded that GB should be given representation in the National Assembly and Senate of Pakistan till the solution of the Kashmir issue in light of the United Nations resolutions and ensure rights of GB in CPEC.

Moreover, protestors were also holding placards and banners with slogans “no taxation without representations” inscribed on them. A youth activist Tehseen said, “We condemn the act of imposing tax on a disputed region, it is against the international law to impose tax on GB until and unless the region is not being given representation in the Parliament of Pakistan.”

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