Gilani rejects reports of paying ransom for release of his son

Former PM Yousuf Raza Gilani on Friday rejected reports regarding payment of ransom for release of his son Ali Haider Gilani from Taliban.

Speaking to reporters outside his Lahore residence, Gilani said his son was recovered after a successful military operation which was carried out by the US and Afghan forces on Afghanistan’s soil.

The PPP leader once again praised the efforts of US and Afghan forces for the safe recovery of his son.

Further, Gilani said he received several phone calls, congratulating him over his son’s recovery. “US ambassador [to Pakistan] felicitated me over the phone and said he would have personally welcomed him [Haider] if he had arrived in Islamabad,” he said.

“Democratic candidate for US presidency Hillary Clinton also called me and said ‘we are fighting the war on terror and we have a partnership with Pakistan. If I get elected as US president I will invite you to the White House.’”


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