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Former greats propose major changes in Pakistan cricket

ISLAMABAD – Former cricket greats on Friday once again slammed the Pakistan Cricket Team for their poor showing against Australia in their last group match of the ongoing Two World Cup and proposed major changes in the national team.

“We will have to expel six to seven players from this team and bring some new boys at their place,” former captain Ramiz Raja told reporters after Pakistan’s defeat against Australia.

He lamented that Pakistan batsmen did not use their brains and played cross shots instead of playing with straight bat. He came harsh on batsmen stating, “When there is no thinking, no class and no quality, then the same things will happen in future also.”

He said that Pakistan batsmen threw their wickets after settling down and were not willing to learn. He said that almost one year ago he had urged the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) to form a separate committee that should look after all the affairs of cricket, but no attention was paid to his proposal.

Former batting great and skipper Javed Miandad said the players were not willing to learn from their past experience and were repeating same mistakes. He was of the view that Pakistan’s attitude showed that they had entered in the ground to lose the match to Australia. “I saw no motivation and no fighting spirit in our team. At no point in the match I saw our players trying to make a comeback,” he said.

Another former captain Aamir Sohail lambasted the PCB, saying that the entire board should resign. “There will be no improvements unless we will appoint such people in the board, who have some cricketing sense,” he said.

Former test cricketer Basit Ali said that Pakistan’s bad fielding was their main cause of defeat against Australia. He said that steps were needed to be taken from the grassroots level to improve Pakistan cricket.

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