FireChat App Lets You Text Without Wi-Fi

The days of data plans and not being able to send GIFs from the subway are over.The tech gods have brought us a new travel-friendly app called FireChat that allows users to send and receive texts, with NO (seriously, zero) data or internet.

This is all thanks to technology they’re calling mesh networking. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth antennas allow you to communicate wirelessly, sending a message from one FireChat equipped phone to another.

Basically, your message acts like a pinball in a machine, pinging from phone to phone until it reaches one with internet. Then the message is sent to its destination like normal. The messages are encrypted, so you won’t have to worry about your hot goss getting lost (or read by someone else) in this process.

If there are no connections near you, the messages will be stored until the app can find one. Though it can take up to 20 Mins to deliver your message, there are perks that make up for the lag. You can text everywhere from the subway to a plane and won’t be hit with roaming charges or blackout areas.

Though 5 Million mobile users have downloaded the app worldwide, the creators of the app say that messages can be delivered in about 10 minutes as long as 5% of a city’s population has the app.


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