Fire in Rawalpindi’s PC hotel doused

RAWALPINDI: The fire erupted in the basement of Pearl Continental Hotel here in the wee hours of Wednesday has been extinguished.

No casualties were reported in the incident while the hotel guests were later shifted to other hotels of the city.

The fire, whose cause is yet to be ascertained, started in the record room of the finance section, giving out smoke that travelled to the upper floors and filled the entire space of the multi-storey building of the five-star hotel.

Some guests said upon smelling the smoke, they informed the management of the hotel but they were told there was nothing to worry about and asked to go back to sleep.

What really shocked the occupants of the hotel is that there was no staff to alert them nor was there any alarm system or if there was one it did not set off any alarm.

Fire tenders came very late. However, they managed to put out the fire in the basement and all the occupants were safely rescued.

The fire completely gutted the record room of the finance section, turning all the records stored inside to ashes.

The DCO said that the inadequate arrangements in the hotel for extinguishing fire will be probed.


NEO Monitoring Report

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