FIA to broaden drive against money laundering, terror financing

ISLAMABAD: The Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) has broadened its scope of country wide operations against those involved in illegal business of Hundi Hawala and foreign currency money laundering and terror financing.

As many as 323 persons have so far been apprehended in 214 cases of Hundi and Hawala, 137 persons in money laundering cases and 30 persons in unlawful business of foreign currency, said a source in the interior ministry.

The source said that bank accounts of 132 proscribed outfits have been frozen so far and Rs1.10 billion has been confiscated. Similarly 30 cases were registered against 31 persons for their alleged involvement in illegal business of foreign currency in Peshawar and all the arrested persons have been sent to jail.

A sum of Rs19.77 million has also been recovered from their possession.

The source further said that 17 banking transactions with reference to terror financing had been sent to the Financial Monitoring Unit of the State Bank for investigation in the last two and a half year.

The FIA declared after investigation that none of the 17 suspected banking transactions related to terrorism financing. However, 137 persons have so far been apprehended on charges of money laundering in other transactions of financing.

Around 67 cases pertaining to dubious banking transactions have been handed over to law enforcement agencies. The source said that 15 cases have been investigated while investigations the remaining cases are under way.

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