Faysal Qureshi’s coming back with a bang

Karachi:It was only time before actor Faysal Qureshi joins his fellow small-screen stars in making the leap to the new age of Pakistani cinema.We are (pleasantly) surprised to learn that his film will be no slapstick comedy, action, drama or other large-scale commercial venture.Faysal is appearing in a non-commercial film, titled Laloolal.com, with veteran actor/playwright Khalid Ahmed at the helm.

“I love parallel cinema,” said the actor.Faysal’s first recent film appearance was a brief role in the (also) non-commercial Manto, but that film was being made as TV serial when he shot for it.

Laloolal.com is about Laloo, “a man who helps people without any resources”. The plot is driven by Laloo’s need to help a woman named Soe, and in doing so he “somehow loses his love Chandan” Faysal told.TV star Aimen Iqbal stars as Chandan, while Australian actress Natasha plays Soe’s role in in the film.The shoot is currently on-going in Thar, Sindh, and it sounds quite grueling

The film is being shot by Dukhtar and Zibahkhana cinematographer, Najaf Bilgrami.

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