Fawad Khan sees competitive powers in Mahira Khan, Saba Qamar

MUMBAI: Heartthrob Pakistani actor Fawad Khan who made his first Bollywood debut in ‘Khoobsoorat’, recently gave an interview to Hindustan Times after the success of his recent movie ‘Kapoor and sons’.

In the interview Fawad Khan told that, he has received so much love and appreciation from not only his fans in Pakistan but also a humongous positive response has been shown by the Bollywood fans.

He told about how much he loved working in Bollywood and that he is looking forward to try different character roles to play in new projects he will sign.

Upon talking about his good looks and charming personality he said, he is tired of everyone talking about this. He wants to try different character roles and challenge his inner actor.

The character he played in his recent debut ‘Kapoor and sons’ is a step forward into this direction, actor said.

When the actor was asked about other Pakistani actors like Mahira Khan and Saba Qamar making their first debuts in Bollywood movies he responded, “I will be selfish to say, ‘It is not an exciting time for me (laughs).’ I don’t differentiate between sexes. So, I feel they are as much of a competition to me as any male actors.”

“I am happy, but I might just be a bit insecure, because I have been a mediocre representation of Pakistani talent. There is a wealth of talent back home. Seeing other Pakistani actors entering this market is a great feeling, and I wish them the very best in life. I think they will do much better than me,” he added.

The actor claims that he has not been approached for any new Bollywood film projects. However, he’s said to have been approached for Salman Khan’s film, ‘Jugalbandi’. But he refuses to confirm or deny this rumour.

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