Fans get ready for Street fighter V

Street Fighter V is heading to PlayStation 4 and PC in 2016, and as the release date gets closer, so does the anticipation. Today it was revealed that another console will also get the game, though not the one you’d be expecting.Today Capcom has announceed that they are working with Steam to make Street Fighter V compatible with Steam OS. This will make it so that the game will be able to run on the Steam Machine, so the console version of the PC:What will also be interesting will be how the Steam controller will work with the game. The compatibility with the controller and some PC games has been interesting to say the least.With the beta version  coming this weekend people will be able to test out the controller, though they may decide to use some of the other controllers available. This includes the PlayStation 4 controller that can be used on the PC too.When the game is seen actually running on Steam OS it will be interesting to compare its performance to a normal PC setup. If gamers are going to see the operating system as a viable alternative to Windows, it will have to show some benefits.Is the news that Street Fighter V will work with Steam OS good news? Let us know your thoughts on the announcement below.


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