Explosion rocks Istanbul metro station

AN explosion caused by a homemade bomb rocked an Istanbul metro station overnight, triggering panic in the evening rush hour and wounding five people.

The local mayor and the state-run Anatolia news agency confirmed a bomb about 5.15pm Tuesday (2.15am Wednesday AEDT) caused the blast, which came at a time of growing jitters over security in Istanbul and the risk of a militant attack in Turkey’s largest city.

The blast, which was heard in several areas of the city, hit an overpass close to the metro station in the Bayrampasa district of Istanbul’s European side.


“Five of our citizens were injured when a pipe bomb left on barriers on the overpass exploded,” Atilla Aydiner, the district mayor, told A-Haber television.

Security sources were also quoted by the Dogan news agency as saying the blast appeared to have been caused by a homemade bomb.

The metro system in Istanbul was brought entirely to a halt after the blast, the municipality said, although normal service was gradually restored.


Sahin said the explosion caused panic because it occurred on a busy section of the road.

“We are thankful that there was no loss of life,” Sahin said.

Subway services at Bayrampasa and elsewhere were briefly disrupted following the explosion.


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