Expelled KU student also loses job over inviting Ayyan

KARACHI: Inviting Ayyan Ali to Karachi University not only led to the expulsion of Areeb Khan but the student has now lost his job too over the issue. Areeb Khan has now appealed to the Sindh Governor and the University’s Vice Chancellor to restore his admission.

Khan had invited model Ayyan Ali, who was on bail in a money laundering case, to Karachi University on August 13 to a program which was attended both by the teaching faculty and students. But, the entire blame of inviting Ayyan Ali over to the varsity was shifted towards Areeb Khan and an alumnus of Karachi University.

Areeb Khan was expelled from the University while the alumnus was barred from entering the varsity. The ordeal did end here for Areeb because now he has also been sacked from employment.

Areeb Khan has sent his appeal to the Sindh Governor and Vice Chancellor of Karachi University. He has stated in the appeal that he was not afforded a fair chance of responding to the show cause notice served on him by the university. He has requested them to restore his admission to KU so that he can continue his education.

Areeb Khan is the only child of his parents who have been attaching high hopes with their son’s future.


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