Establishment should hold direct talks with Altaf Hussain: Nadeem Nusrat

KARACHI: MQM Convener Nadeem Nusrat on Thursday appealed to the ‘Establishment to shun the politics of making and breaking the parties’ and to engage in direct talks with the party chief Altaf Hussain.

Addressing a joint press conference of MQM’s Coordination Committees based in London and Karachi, he said MQM mandate does not really need to respond to such accusations. “But, since a big hype was created on the media, we have no other option but to come up with a response.”

Nadeem Nusrat said the ‘attempts to dismember’ MQM is not a new phenomenon. “The past is the testimony to the fact that anyone who parted his ways with and lead a separate party, failed to get any mandate,” he added.

He likened the telecast of the allegations to the humiliation of MQM supporters and its voters.

“The Establishment should stop making proxies. It should shun the politics of making and breaking the parties and engage directly in talks with Altaf Hussain,” he demanded.

Speaking on the occasion, Dr Farooq Sattar said the timing of the return of two individuals from abroad exposes the whole conspiracy against MQM. The conspiracy revolves around one main objective – a minus-Altaf formula, he added.

He said the ‘fabricated leaderships’ neither succeeded in the past nor will they see any victory this time around. These conspiracies will fall flat once again just the way such tactics did in the past, he added.

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