Environmental Law amendment ordered by Shahbaz Sharif

LAHORE: Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif has issued instructions for reorganisation of Environment Department and restructuring of Environment Protection Agency for controlling increasing environmental pollution.

Addressing a meeting through a video link for reviewing measures for controlling environmental pollution and climate change, the chief minister said a comprehensive strategy should be adopted for overcoming environmental pollution and maintaining a clean atmosphere. Environmental Protection Agency will be autonomous and responsible for implementation of environmental laws, he added.

The chief minister said immediate measures should be taken for necessary amendment to environmental laws and recommendations should be submitted in this regard within seven days. He said the performance of environment department was not satisfactory and it would have to display efficiency in accordance with the modern demands.

He said Environment department would have to play a vigorous role in this regard. He expressed indignation over laxity in the setting up of proposed agency for environmental protection, failure in its timely activation and directed that Environmental Protection Agency should be restructured for improving efficiency of the department. He said inclusion of the experts in this sector in environmental protection agency for its capacity building was a pressing need and immediate measures should be taken for this purpose. He said that provision of a clean atmosphere to the masses was the responsibility of the institutions concerned and they would have to discharge their duties efficiently.

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