End-of-life care in UK is the best in world

London:Research across 80 countries finds UK’s palliative care is ‘second to none’ – but charities warn many are not receiving best treatmentEnd-of-life care in the UK is the best in the world, according to a study.Research across 80 countries found care provided by the NHS and hospices was “second to none”.

Charities welcomed the findings, but said too many people in the UK still do not get the care they need. Marie Curie said there should be no “business as usual approach” following the report.In the study, Australia was regarded as the second best nation for palliative care, followed by New Zealand.

Ireland, Belgium, Taiwan and Germany also ranked in the top 10 countries in the world for good care. They were followed by the US, the Netherlands and France.Among the worst performers were Iraq, Bangladesh, China, the Dominican Republic, Iran and Guatemala.The 2015 Quality of Death Index was compiled by the Economist Intelligence Unit.

Fewer than half (34) of 80 countries provided what could be classed as good end-of-life care – and these accounted for just 15 per cent of the adult population.But there was praise for poorer countries, with Mongolia ranking 28th after investing in hospice facilities. Uganda was 35th for efforts to improve pain control.The rankings were worked out from hospitals and hospice environments, staffing numbers and skills, affordability of care and quality of care.


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