ECP to hold LG Elections on indirect seats of Punjab from Feb 8

ISLAMABAD – The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) would hold Local Government Elections on indirect seats of Punjab from February 8 to 14.

The elections would be held for filling up the indirect seats in Union Councils, District Councils, Town Committees, Municipal Committees, Corporations and Metropolitan Corporation of Sindh, said spokesman of the ECP on Monday.

The Commission fixed polling dates for indirect seats of District Councils, Municipal Corporations and Metropolitan Corporation on February 8, for Indirect Seats of Municipal Committees on February 11 and for indirect seats of Union Councils on February 14 respectively, he added. ECP also asked the voters of concerned Councils, Committees and Corporations to elect members to the seats notified by the provincial government of Punjab.

The offices of the Election Commission as well as the offices of District Returning Officers will remain open on all public holidays during the schedule period, he informed.


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