ECP appeal dismissed on reserved seats poll

LAHORE: A Lahore High Court division bench on Monday dismissed an-intra court appeal of the election commission against a single bench decision that envisaged issuance of a fresh schedule for election on reserved seats of local governments in Punjab.

A single bench had set aside holding of reserved seats’ election on the basis of old schedule and directed the ECP to issue a fresh schedule.

The order was passed on petitions of the PML-Q, PTI, PPP and other opposition parties.

The commission challenged the decision through the appeal that was also dismissed by the division bench comprising Justice Ayesha A Malik and Justice Shams Mahmood Mirza.

The commission’s counsel, Muhammad Saleem, argued that the polls would be delayed if a new schedule was issued. He said the implementation of the impugned decision was not practicable.

Advocate Mobeenuddin Qazi argued on behalf of PML-Q and stated that since the government had withdrawn its amendments to the local government laws the issuance of new election schedule was critical.

He said the elections were to be held as per the law prevalent on Aug 26, 2015. The bench heard the arguments and dismissed the ECP appeal.



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