Dubai bound Shaheen Air flight narrowly escaped crash at Lahore Airport

LAHORE: A Dubai-bound Shaheen Air flight narrowly escaped a crash on Thursday when its tyres burst just before takeoff at Lahore’s Allama Iqbal International Airport.The engine of Shaheen Air flight NL-766 started making loud noises seconds before takeoff which prompted the pilot to apply emergency breaks to keep the plane on the runway.However, the breaks caused three of the plane’s tyres to burst. No loss of life was reported.

Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) personnel as well as engineers of Shaheen Air reached the spot and started rescue activities.There were around 160 passnegers onboard the flight, however, no one was harmed in the incident, according to sources in CAA.

This is not the first time a Shaheen Air flight has met with an accident. In November last year, a Lahore-bound Shaheen Air flight, carrying 121 passengers and crew members, had made an ‘emergency landing’ at the Lahore airport as the aircraft skidded off the runway. The CAA had accused the pilot of the passenger flight of being drunk and fatigued as he flew the plane.“The allowed blood alcohol concentration level for pilots is 0.03, but the [flight NL-142] pilot’s was 0.83 at the time [of the crash],” a CAA official said.

Earlier this year, a pilot of Shaheen Air passenger plane refused to fly the aircraft after he found a hole in one of the wings of the plane seconds before departing for Saudi Arabia from Peshawar.

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