Dubai-bound flight evacuated in Peshawar after bomb scare

PESHAWAR: Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) Peshawar offloaded all passengers onboard Shaheen Airline flight NL-786 at Bacha Khan International Airport (BKIA) Peshawar after officials received intelligence information about a bomb suspected to be planted in the passenger plane.

Officials told that airline was bound to leave for Dubai when officials received information about a suspected bomb. Soon after, teams offloaded all the passengers and searched the aircraft.

“Yes, search is underway but things are unclear since we fear a bomb inside the plane,” said BKIA manager Tahir Sikandar.

All flight operations at Peshawar airport are currently suspended. “We can’t risk people’s lives, we are searching the plane at the moment,” CAA spokesperson George Pervaiz said.

However, soon after officials confirmed a bomb was not found on the aircraft. “Flight operations have resumed at Peshawar airport,” a CAA official said.

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