Drew Barrymore opens up about her divorce

Charlie’s Angels star Drew Barrymore has openly talked about the current situation of her family as she and her husband Will Kopelman are about to divorce. In a press statement that the couple released to People, they noted that their separation would affect their family and affect their children.

Barrymore and Kopelman confirmed that they are indeed separating in their statement. However, they noted that the separation will not stop them from being a family. The couple said they sincerely believe that eventually, every member of their family will “find grace in the idea that life goes on.”

The couple referred to their children as their universe and said that they have no other intention in parenthood than living the rest of their lives with their two kids as their ultimate priorities. The couple are parents to three-year-old Olive and almost-two-year-old Frankie.

Although the separation came as shock to many fans of Barrymore and Kopelman, critics have commended the fact that their parting is mature, simple, and devoid of any ill feeling. During last weekend’s Food and Wine Festival at the Pebble Beach where Barrymore promoted her wine products (Barrymore Wines Rose), the 41-year-old actress was told Popsugar that she had been through a really rough time in the past months and that she is aware that life was already about to take her in a new and different direction. Although no reference to divorce was mentioned, people have assumed that she was nevertheless denoting the dilemma.

Barrymore seems to have started taking the “new direction” she mentioned as can be seen from her recent Instagram post showing her getting a tattoo of her daughters’ names on her wrist. When asked how she wants to be remembered by her daughters, Barrymore said she wants her children to know that they are not just loved but “ridiculously, utterly, life-alteringly loved.”


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