Dr Asim, Sharjeel Names Included in ECL

KARACHI: The interior ministry included the names of Pakistan Peoples’ Party leaders Dr Asim Hussain and Sharjeel Memeon in Exit Control List (ECL) on the request of National Accountability Bureau (NAB).According to media reports, a case has also been registered against Dr Asim Husssain in the North Nazimabad police station on the request of the paramilitary force under the charges of providing medical assistance to terrorists in a private medical facility.Reports also said that interior ministry has included the name of PPP leader Dr Asim Hussain in the ECL after the NAB has formally implicated him in corruption, money laundering, illegal land grabbing and allotment cases. The name of another PPP leader Sharjeel Memon has also been included in the ECL on the request of NAB, interior ministry sources maintained.NAB’s case no. 231096/15 implicates Dr Asim in a number of crimes including money laundering, illegal land grabbing and allotments. The case empowers the NAB to arrest Dr Asim and investigate him for the crime he’s incriminated in.


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