Dr. Asim has two houses, a hospital in Dubai: NAB

KARACHI: Former federal petroleum minister Dr. Asim Hussain owns two houses in Dubai in addition to a private hospital, according to the latest interrogations carried out by National Accountability Bureau (NAB) officials.

According to reports, the NAB officials conducted interrogations with Dr. Asim in six sessions ever since taking his custody from Gulberg police. Former President and co-chairman of Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) Asif Ali Zardari’s confidant told investigators that he established Zia Hospital in Dubai, in collaboration with Imtiaz Hashmi and Arif Zarghooni.

He also revealed that he constructed two houses for him in Dubai and one in London, adding he invested four billion rupees in London’s real estate business. Pir Mazharul Haq donated to the trust tracts of land in Clifton and Nazimabad in 1994; he told the investigators and divulged that Rs.2 billion was siphoned off from Ziaud Din Trust to London.

During the course of interrogation, Dr. Asim complained of chest pain and infection, the sources said. Now, a government doctor checks him twice a day.

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