Donald to mediate between Pakistan and India with his biased approach

Donald Trump, US presidential candidate, has offered to serve as a “mediator” between India Pakistan and to appease the heating strain between the two countries.  A Republican, Donald Trump, running for president in the United State is known for his bigoted, racist, and sexist views. The man who has always been biased towards all minorities especially Muslims is now offering to help India and Pakistan to make peace.

Donald Trump expressed his willingness to help Pakistan and India resolve their issues and end the eternal hostilit.

When inquired about the situation in subcontinent, Trump exclaimed that he will be honored to mentor the two countries and make them come to an accord of reconciliation and peace.

Trump has always been against Muslims and Islam, depict terrorist are “Islamic extremists”. When he was inquired about his plans for Pakistan, he pursued with his usual hate speech pronouncing Muslims as the crucial source of terror and blaming them for diverse terrorist activities like the San Bernardino attack.

Speaking to Indian media, Trump covenanted that if elected president, US will have strong ties with India.

He reassured of his sympathies for India. Trump is of the viewe that all blame for terrorism and Pak-India strain goes to Pakistan and Islamic radicals. He sided with India in case of Uri attacks and accused Pakistan for being the sole cause of terrorist activities in India.

Trump Taking full advantage of the opportunity, Donald Trump uttered his strong appreciation for India declaring them as his ultimate friends.

I have great love for India, because I have so many friends from India. The Hindu people, I will say, are amazing.

Trump’s offer to mediate the tension between the two countries is questionable following his detestation towards Muslim community and Pakistan.

Is it at all possible that Trump, if given a chance, will sort things justly without any bias?

However Donald Trump has offered his efforts to settle the conflicts between the two countries because he views this as longing tensions in the region and wishes to see harmony between Pakistan and India.

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