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Divorced Pakistani couples speak 18,000 words daily about Imran-Reham divorce: Study

A recently published study shows that many divorced couples in Pakistan haven’t discussed their own divorces as much as they have discussed Imran Khan and Reham’s break up.

Parveen Shahkeen, the lead author of the study, conducted a survey of 500 couples from across Pakistan to uncover this fact.

“Our results showed a surprising trend. The couples we surveyed clearly stated they had talked about the Khans’ breakup more than their own divorces,” she said.

The study, which was originally meant to look at the time it takes for divorces to be finalised in Pakistan, took an unexpected turn when researchers uncovered this ‘Khan effect’.

“On average, a divorced couple will speak roughly 18,000 words a day about the Imran-Reham divorce,” Parveen shared.

Over 80% of respondents to the study indicated that they were “very concerned” that the divorce was a result of Reham trying to poison the PTI chairman, as a senior journalist had alleged on TV.

The team is now looking to study the extent to which different segments of society discuss Imran Khan, post-divorce.


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